Plastic surgeon-patient communication before a breast augmentation

Plastic surgeon-patient communication before a breast augmentation

03rd Apr 2020

Plastic surgeon-patient communication before a breast augmentation

As we have mentioned many times before, getting breast implants is not a one-time meeting with the plastic surgeon during the operative time, but a journey that you take together. This journey begins with the initial pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon and can last for more than a year when it is safe to evaluate the final results achieved with the procedure.

The plastic surgeon-patient communication before a breast augmentation procedure is very important and even crucial for the success of the intervention. Before anything else, we are talking about the eligibility of the patient for the procedure which is determined after the plastic surgeon’s medical assessment and after discussing with the patient the reasons and motivations to have the procedure performed. Open and honest communication with the plastic surgeon will set up the basis for a good long-term collaboration that is essential for the success of your intervention.

When it comes to the breast augmentation procedure, the plastic surgeon does much more than just inserting the implants inside their pockets created in the breasts. The plastic surgeon will be the one recommending the size and type of implants to be used, and this is among the most important decisions associated with getting breast implants surgery. During the pre-operative consultation, he will perform specific measurements and take into consideration your expectations from the surgery before recommending a minimum and maximum size for the volume of the implants and other characteristics of the implants. Nowadays we can choose from a wide range of types of implants, and it can be rather difficult for the patient to make the choice alone, not to mention unwise of him to do so. The plastic surgeon will make the recommendation based on his vast experience and with the aim of helping the patient achieve his aesthetic goals but also minimizing the complications that could occur after this type of procedure was performed.

The next thing that the plastic surgeon will do during the pre-operative consultation is to design the operative plan. This means that he will discuss with the patient the location of the incisions and where the implants will be positioned. These recommendations are also made depending on the type of implants to be used, the initial physical characteristics of the patient and his desired results.

The plastic surgeon needs to explain in detail and in clear terms what is to be expected when the procedure is performed and during the recovery period. Also, the patient should know how long will it take to notice the final results of the procedure and potential complications that can occur during and after surgery.

At the same time, to ensure complications are avoided and satisfactory results achieved, the patient is advised to tell the plastic surgeon about his medical history, potential allergies, and current medication, also the reasons to undergo the procedure and the expected results. The plastic surgeon will need to evaluate if the expected results can be achieved or the patient has unrealistic expectations from the procedure.

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