Returning home after a breast reduction

Returning home after a breast reduction

22nd Mar 2019


The breast reduction procedure can be performed on women of different ages, starting from 16 years old with one condition: the patient should have fully developed breasts. The procedure is highly effective and patients undergoing it notice an increase in functionality, aside from the improvement in the aesthetics of the body.

However, it is important to mention that breast reduction is highly invasive and it requires long incisions, especially if there is a considerable quantity of mammary gland to be removed. The patient is advised to weigh the pros and cons before making the appointment to undergo surgery and also to consider the long-term consequences that can occur after having a breast reduction.

Just like any other surgical procedure, breast reduction follows a period of recovery. The recovery period is spent at home, as the patient will be discharged from the medical facility within hours after waking up from the anesthesia. It is just in rare cases or if complications occur that hospitalization after breast reduction surgery is longer than 12 to 24 hours.

So what should the patient do after returning home after a breast reduction? Before anything else, your plastic surgeon will advise you to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids to eliminate the rest of the anesthetic that might still be in your body. For fluids, make wise choices and have water, freshly squeezed fruits, vegetable juices, herbal infusions, and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Even before the procedure, the patient is advised to have the home ready for the recovery period and have someone to drive her home after the procedure. Chances are you won’t feel great after just undergoing surgery, and nausea and dizziness can be expected due to the effects of the general anesthesia. Also, a certain level of pain and discomfort can also be experienced upon returning home. The plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to alleviate the pain and also antibiotics that should be taken as per doctor’s orders to avoid a potential infection. It is important to take the medication and also contact your plastic surgeon if the pain is more intense or doesn’t subside after taking the pills. Also, you should contact the medical staff in case of high fever and pus coming from the surgical incisions, associated with intense pain and considerable swelling. These might be signs of an infection that should be treated as soon as possible to avoid other complications.

In a vast majority of cases, returning home after breast reduction surgery is followed by a few days of bed rest, during which the patient should keep a balanced diet and avoid any intense physical activities. Make sure to wear the special post-operative bra around the clock after returning home from the hospital and clean the surgical area as per the doctor’s orders.


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