What can be corrected with liposuction?

What can be corrected with liposuction?

23rd Mar 2020


Liposuction Houston is the procedure many of us contemplate having when noticing the fat deposits accumulating at the level of different areas of the body. The main benefit of liposuction is that it is the only method we can use for localized weight loss. Actually, liposuction is not a weight loss method per se, but it can be used to eliminate unwanted fat deposits from very specific areas of the body.

How is liposuction different from any weight loss diets and how does it work compared to physical exercises? Well, this is rather simple to explain. When the goal is to lose weight, and the patient will start a diet or have bariatric surgery, the weight loss will occur at the level of the whole body. So, we can’t just lose weight from the level of the tummy, but keep all the fat we have on the buttocks when undergoing a weight loss program. Physical exercises work the same, they tone the whole body, without being specific on one area, even if the patient can insist on using a muscle group more than the other. 

What happens when we use liposuction is that the plastic surgeon can insert the liposuction cannula exactly in the area or areas that have an excess of fat tissue. For some patients, the areas that need to be treated with liposuction are different. Some patients will have liposuction performed at the level of the face and neck (to get rid of the double chin). Others will have lipo on the arms to reduce their dimensions before undergoing a brachioplasty. Others will resort to liposuction on their back and even the sides, especially when having breast surgery to enhance the results of the procedure and to eliminate the bulging around the bra band. Most patients, however, are undergoing liposuction on the abdominal wall and the flanks. These areas are often confronted with an excess of adipose tissue that develops in time or as a result of other factors. Abdominal liposuction is probably the most performed type of liposuction at a worldwide level. Using it, patients get a thinner waist and can even have an improved waist to hip ratio that translates into beautiful curves. 

Liposuction can also be used to correct areas such as the legs. It can be performed on the hips, thighs, ankles, and knees with spectacular results.

With liposuction, we can correct any are of the body that will allow for the insertion of the liposuction cannula and a back and forth movement performed by the plastic surgeon with the hollow cannula to dislodge and liquefy fat. Keep in mind that liposuction is only indicated for patients with a good skin condition. Otherwise, skin sagginess can occur. Wearing the girdle or compression garments after liposuction can considerably reduce the recovery process and also refine the results that can be achieved when the procedure is performed. 

The procedure can take in between a few minutes and a few hours, depending on the surgical plan to be followed and can be performed with a general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. 

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