What causes breast sagginess?

What causes breast sagginess?

26th Oct 2018

Breast sagginess, also called ptosis, is a natural process that involves losing your skin elasticity around your breasts. It usually appears in most cases after the age of 40, but sometimes it can occur even earlier, especially if someone has large breasts. As it is a perfectly natural process, you do not need to panic as breast sagginess will not involve any health issues. You need to understand that there are many factors which can cause ptosis, mainly because they change your skin elasticity. Breast shape varies for each individual, and ptosis is just a natural process that comes with age.

Now with plastic surgery, your breast shape can be changed at any time, so if you are worried about how your breasts look like, a solution is there. Breast implants can always reshape your breasts, and it can always bring back your confidence in the way you look. Even if the main cause for breast sagginess is aging, some other factors can accelerate changes in skin elasticity around your breasts. Basically, a diagnostic will be given by determining your nipple position in relation to your inframammary fold. We can distinguish mild, moderate, advanced and severe ptosis. The main causes that can accelerate ptosis are as follows:

● Weight loss

When your body gains weight, your skin elasticity will change. The excess in fat deposits tend to put pressure on skin elasticity, causing your skin to adapt to a new shape. However, when you lose the weight, your skin elasticity has already adapted to your previous shape and size. This process cannot be reversed.

● Smoking

Smoking is one of the main factors that triggers loss of skin elasticity. Your skin has a protein that is called elastin, and smoking can seriously reduce the quantity of this protein. Elastin is a highly elastic protein and allows your tissues to adapt to any changes in your body shape, especially when your skin needs to resume after stretching.

● Multiple pregnancies

During pregnancy, it is natural for your breasts to become bigger. Basically, your body will adapt, and it will prepare itself for the lactation period. From here we can fairly assume that more pregnancies will bring more changes in your breast shape and of course, your skin elasticity will suffer.

Besides all the factors listed above, we can also prevent sagging with diet and exercise. Eating healthy food and going to the gym more often will help with your skin elasticity and can prevent early ptosis. Also, you need to be aware that wearing the wrong bra can affect your breast shape and can cause early ptosis. There are many factors that can lead to early ptosis, and even if it is a natural process that comes with age, we can slow it down with proper care.

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