When someone else wants you to get a breast reduction

When someone else wants you to get a breast reduction

04th Mar 2019

Nowadays we all feel the pressure to look good, young and fit, whatever our age might be. Modern-day society has high standards of beauty, and not complying with them can result in bullying and other complications, especially for young patients.

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are different trends from year to year. These days it is quite common to offer or receive plastic surgery as a gift for your partner, family members or even friends. Some celebrities have offered plastic surgery vouchers to their children who are not even at legal age to undergo the procedures. In other countries, it is not uncommon for parents to offer their children plastic surgery when they graduate from college. This happens in South Korea, for example.

In the United States, we also have plenty of patients who come to the pre-operative consultation together with a partner or a parent who has pushed them to seek help from plastic surgery to improve or correct their appearance. This is not a bad thing as long as the patient understands that the decision to undergo surgery is a very personal one and no decisions should be made to please someone else.

There are plenty of women regretting their decision to undergo plastic surgery to correct different features of the body because their partners wanted them to get bigger or smaller breasts or to change other parts of their physiognomy. It is important not to give in when someone else wants you to get plastic surgery, especially if we are talking about breast reduction.

It can happen that parents would want their daughters to undergo breast reduction surgery quite early in life, sometimes even before the patient is 18 years old because they believe it will help her perform better in sports or avoid bullying and so on. It can also happen for mothers to want their daughters to have a breast reduction because they feel jealous of the size and volume of their breasts. It doesn’t sound too good, but it can happen, unfortunately.

If you are a young patient who has been convinced by parents, friends or other people to undergo breast reduction, make sure to discuss the details of the procedure and your desires openly with the plastic surgeon during the initial consultation. An experienced and responsible plastic surgeon will tell you if the procedure will really help you or you could do without it. Moreover, he should tell you all about the long-term consequences and risks associated with the procedures. For example, breastfeeding might be impossible after breast reduction. If this is something you really want to do, the recommendation is to postpone the procedure until your family is complete.

Scarring can also be a turn off for patients interested in undergoing the procedure. The scars after breast reduction surgery can be quite long, even if easily masked by clothes and lingerie. Moreover, the scars left behind are permanent.

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