Why are full c cup breasts recommended?

Why are full c cup breasts recommended?

25th Nov 2017

As a sign of beauty and maturity, breasts play a definitive role in every woman. Small breasts can cause a woman to develop physiological or psychological complexes, but now, thanks to modern medicine, plastic surgery can correct these imperfections.


Malformations such as tuberous breasts, asymmetry, sagging, underdevelopment, or breasts that require reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy are the most common reasons women undergo breast augmentation. The result depends on the original size and shape of the breast, the skin’s elasticity, the quality of glandular and fat tissue and their respective proportions, the patient’s healing capability, and the skill of the plastic surgeon who performs the procedure. It is always better to learn about the surgeon’s qualifications before the initial consultation. Also make sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure for you.

The C cup is the most requested breast size (and the most recommended) for breast augmentation with implants. The C cup is also advised when undergoing a breast reduction or breast lifting surgery.

How to define the bra size and cup

The bra size is defined by two criteria: the number and the letter.

– The number corresponds to the size of the bra band, measured just below the chest. (e.g. 32, 34, 36, 38…)

– The letter corresponds to the depth of the cup or the difference between the size of the breasts and the size of the band (e.g. A, B, C, D…)

To know your bra size, subtract your band size from your bust size and refer to the listing below:

– AA if there is no difference in size

– A if there is a 1 inch difference

– B if there are 2 inches difference

– C if there are 3 inches difference

– D if there are 4 inches difference

– DD if there are 5 inches difference

– DDD, F if there are 6 inches difference

– G if there are 7 inches difference

During breast reduction

The vast majority of breast reduction procedures is performed for patients with breast hypertrophy. This is for patients who have a cup higher or equal to an F. In order to get a smooth curve, it is usually imperative to keep the breast volume equivalent to a C cup. The C cup is the most requested size when it comes to breast reduction as it also provides a stable result over time. Keep in mind that a more excessive volume could cause secondary ptosis of the breasts, even after a breast reduction surgery. This is why most surgeons recommend a C cup.

Patients who wish to get a B cup after breast reduction are advised that the result might lead to a rather flat curve with less aesthetic results. The breast reduction to a C cup size is requested most often in athletes or patients with back problems.

During breast augmentation

A vast majority of candidates for breast augmentation start with small, A cup breasts. There will be patients who will ask for the biggest implant size possible, but they will come to realize that a cup size higher than C can prove to be quite uncomfortable, especially for those who have a small body frame. Aside from the weight of the implants that will put pressure on the chest, thin patients can also be confronted with other complications such as back, neck, or shoulder pain.

The new cup size will depend on the volume of the implant. For example, a patient with medium build patient who has an A cup before the breast augmentation will become a:

– B cup with a 250 cc implant

– C cup with a 350 cc implant

– D cup with a 450 cc implant

Keep in mind that it is not always possible or desirable to choose excessively large implant volumes. Large implants can be accompanied by drawbacks such as secondary ptosis, back and neck pain, and obvious, unnatural looking results.


If you are considering breast surgery, the plastic surgeon will advise you on the best choice of bra cup according to your wishes, your anatomy and the results of the clinical examination, with a goal to achieve a natural and aesthetic result after the procedure.

The C cup is the most requested size, both in terms of breast reduction and breast augmentation. It is a versatile bra size that will allow the patient to enjoy her breasts, without causing her pain and discomfort. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that the right size for your breasts can only be determined by the plastic surgeon after extensive and specific measurements.

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