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Why are butt implants more durable than breast implants?

  The implants used in plastic surgery procedures nowadays are external medical prostheses that are inserted into different areas of the body to add more volume and increase the size of that feature of the body. In the United States,...


When to check in with the surgeon after getting butt implants

  When it comes to undergoing surgery for health purposes, patients know that they will meet the surgeon during the recovery process as he needs to monitor their condition and ensure everything is okay. Well, the same is valid for...

03rd Apr 2020

Plastic surgeon-patient communication before a breast augmentation

Plastic surgeon-patient communication before a breast augmentation As we have mentioned many times before, getting breast implants is not a one-time meeting with the plastic surgeon during the operative time, but a journey that you take together. This journey begins...

02nd Apr 2020

Sleeping positions after fat transfer to the breasts

  Fat transfer or lipofilling of the breasts is a 100% natural procedure that can be used to enhance the appearance of the breasts. While this procedure is also performed by a plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility, it...

01st Apr 2020

Will i be able to breastfeed after a breast reduction?

  Breast hypertrophy is a condition that determines the overdevelopment of the mammary gland tissue. As a result, the breasts can become much larger compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy and hence cause different discomforts on a physical...

30th Mar 2020

Why do people resort to plastic surgery?

  With plastic surgery being more available and affordable for people with different types of financial resources, there are many reasons why people resort to plastic surgery nowadays. A few decades ago, it was just the rich and the famous...


The ideal placement of gluteal implants

  Nowadays due to the development of plastic surgery, both men and women can augment the size of their rear end with the help of the butt augmentation. There are two types of butt augmentation procedures to increase the size...

28th Mar 2020

How to avoid regrets after breast augmentation surgery

How to avoid regrets after breast augmentation surgery Breast augmentation surgery is performed yearly on millions of women worldwide. The success rate that we achieve nowadays is very high, especially when a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon performs the procedure. However,...