Category: Breast Procedures

27th Jul 2021

Can fat transfer cause breast cancer?

Introduction Fat grafting is a plastic surgery procedure that has been used to enhance the breasts for about a decade now. It has a history of effectively and safely improving the contour and projection of the breasts. As the name...

26th Jul 2021

Are there different options for breast enhancement?

Introduction In the last decade or so, medicine has seen a decrease in people who believe in it. Contrary to the fact that we live in an overdeveloped world with everything at our disposal with just one finger swipe, people...

17th Dec 2020

Breast reduction aftercare

Breast reduction is the procedure recommended for women with overly large breasts that are confronted with multiple discomforts because their breasts are too large compared to the rest of their anatomy. Most women confronted with this issue have difficulties performing...

10th Nov 2020

Alternatives to breast reduction surgery

The benefits associated with having large breasts are in some cases outweighed by the many discomforts associated with it. Women with overly large breasts can find it difficult to find clothing and bras that would fit well. Also, they might...

01st Apr 2020

Will i be able to breastfeed after a breast reduction?

  Breast hypertrophy is a condition that determines the overdevelopment of the mammary gland tissue. As a result, the breasts can become much larger compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy and hence cause different discomforts on a physical...

26th Mar 2020

Will there be significant scarring after breast lift surgery?

  Before undergoing many types of plastic surgery procedures, patients are concerned about the scarring. Considering the fact that the scars are permanent and even if they will fade in time they will never disappear, it is a normal concern...

18th Mar 2020

The aspect of the breasts after the breast lift surgeryâ 

The aspect of the breasts after the breast lift surgery    Many women with breast ptosis come to the plastic surgeon’s office to get breast implants to correct the aspect of their breasts only to find out during the preoperative...

18th Mar 2020

The initial meeting with the surgeon for a breast reduction

   A reduction in the volume of the breasts is sought after by women who are suffering daily discomforts and have to deal with constant neck, back and shoulder pain due to the overly large size of their breasts.  The...