Category: Body Procedures

24th Mar 2020

What to have in mind before scheduling your butt augmentation

  Up until a few years ago, women were worried about having a butt that was too large, and nowadays the main concern is not having buttocks large enough. Modern day celebrities show off rear ends that are alluring, curvaceous,...

17th Mar 2020

The first three days after fat transfer to the butt

  Fat transfer procedures are very much in demand nowadays. They are preferred mostly by women confronted with a little fat surplus in areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, and thighs and with a small butt, breasts...

11th Mar 2020

Appearance of the buttocks 2 weeks after bbl

  The Brazilian butt lift is the procedure performed on patients who want perky, more alluring buttocks achieved in a natural manner. The Brazilian butt lift is a combination of two procedures: liposuction and fat transfer. Liposuction is performed on...

03rd Mar 2020

More or less cellulite on the butt after fat transfer?

  These last decades have certainly been under the sign of the big booty. Men and women alike are interested nowadays in getting bigger, rounder, more alluring buttocks. While physical exercise can certainly help you tone the rear end, this...

21st Feb 2020

How increased is the risk of developing an infection after butt augmentation?

  The butt augmentation procedure is very sought after nowadays as both men and women are looking for efficient and long-term solutions to increase the size of their buttocks. A larger behind is a symbol of sex appeal, and men...

08th Feb 2020

Gaining weight after a butt augmentation with fat

  More and more patients nowadays are resorting to plastic surgery to correct the negative effects of weight fluctuations on the body. There is no doubt that considerable weight fluctuations are responsible for considerable alterations of the beautiful appearance of...

01st Feb 2020

Factors that can alter the results achieved with bbl

  A procedure that is very modern and seen like a dream come true for many women all over the world, the Brazilian butt lift entails the use of fat collected from areas of the body and its reinjection into...

25th Jan 2020

Complications that can occur during the first month after bbl

  The Brazilian butt lift is among the most desired plastic surgery procedures today. Women see it as a dream come true as it allows for the removal of fat from areas such as the tummy and its transfer to...