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09th Apr 2019

Reasons why the plastic surgeon might postpone your procedure

Reasons why the plastic surgeon might postpone your procedure   Introduction We often hear of people undergoing plastic surgery, and over the last few years, most people got the idea that practically anyone can have surgery to improve their physical...

27th Jun 2016


Before any kind of plastic surgery intervention, patients are advised to follow a few recommendations and give up some behaviors to ensure an optimal healing process and good results in time. It is important that you make a full disclosure...

25th Jul 2014

What You Need to Know About Post-Liposuction Dimpling

A middle-aged woman recently visited us here at our Houston plastic surgery practice for an initial consultation. Her specific concern has to do with excess pockets of fat in her arms and a muffin top that doesn’t seem to go...

13th Jun 2014

3 Surefire Ways to Speed Up Your Plastic Surgery Recovery

We’re not going to lie that your recovery from plastic surgery, may it be a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, is going to be smooth and comfortable. Like all types of surgical procedures, the recovery process will most likely be...

25th Apr 2014

Am I a Good Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

Some people who wish to turn back the clock and restore their youthful appearance resort to beauty products. Others want immediate results and opt for plastic surgery. The decision to undergo surgery should only be made after considering your options...

19th Sep 2013

Houston Cosmetic Surgery: Deciding on Anesthesia Type

Deciding on the type and amount of anaesthesia during your Houston cosmetic procedure is one of the major decisions you have to make. The anaesthesia used in surgeries vary from one procedure to another, and it is very important for...

23rd Aug 2013

Finding a Qualified Plastic Surgeon in Houston: Beware the Fakes!

The Houston Chronicle ran a story around a month ago about a mom and her two daughters who were arrested for illegally giving Botox injections. The arrest was actually the third time for the 50-year old mother who had been...


Reduce Post-Surgery Complications by Quitting Smoking

The negative effects of smoking on one’s overall health is no secret. There’s a long list of reasons to quit smoking and plastic surgery is one of them. In plastic surgery, smoking significantly increases one’s risk of risks and complications...