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28th Jun 2020

Unnatural Look with Saline Implants

Let us say that you want it to look obvious that you underwent breast augmentation surgery, but you do not want to use silicone implants. The options you can have to make your breast look natural are dependent on your...

07th May 2020

Modern day techniques for achieving the hourglass shape

  Many female celebrities that we have admired over the decades had a beautiful hourglass shape. The hourglass shape has always been a symbol of femininity and the most desired female body shape. And the reason behind this is obvious:...

05th May 2020

Plastic surgery procedures for men

  Introduction A large number of patients who undergo plastic surgery in the US are male. Generally, men go through aesthetic body problems for reasons that are different from females. For example, women undergo plastic surgery to look more feminine,...

29th Apr 2020

Less invasive methods to improve the appearance of the body

  With the development of modern plastic surgery, it is getting easier and easier for people to use these procedures to enhance certain body features or the overall contour of the body. It is true that a dramatic change in...

22nd Apr 2020

Dealing with long-term consequences of plastic surgery

  Introduction Plastic surgery has become extremely popular in America, especially in the last ten years. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans get plastic surgery, spending billions of dollars with the hope to enhance their physical appearance. Who doesn’t...

11th Feb 2020

Can we treat any part of the body with plastic surgery?

Can we treat any part of the body with plastic surgery?   There is no doubt that what can be achieved with the help of plastic surgery nowadays is spectacular and would have been impossible decades ago. This is the...

05th Feb 2020

3 Signs you need plastic surgery 

3 Signs you need plastic surgery    There are patients undergoing plastic surgery because they want to look even better by enhancing certain features, removing the signs of aging, the marks left behind by pregnancy, or weight loss on their...

29th Jan 2020

The real story behind getting plastic surgery

The real story behind getting plastic surgery   While plastic surgery is widely available and affordable nowadays, there are plenty of myths and legends surrounding this topic. These myths are not only about what can be achieved, but also what...