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The hourglass butt augmentation procedure

The Hourglass butt augmentation Procedure Hourglass butt augmentation surgery is a high volume fat transfer procedure to the buttocks and hips, and a famous signature technique of the renowned Dr. Cortes. The hourglass buttock augmentation is a procedure developed by...


The hourglass buttock implant procedure

The Hourglass Buttock Implant Procedure The hourglass butt implant procedure is a cutting-edge surgical technique developed by Dr. Cortes to create today’s ideal body exemplified by fuller, rounder, and larger buttocks through an intramuscular insertion of solid silicone implant in...


What you need to know about butt implants

Butt implant surgery is a cosmetic surgery that many women go for because they want to improve the size and shape of their buttocks. Most people only know about the results the butt implant surgery brings, but this is not...


When can i drive after butt implants surgery

Driving after buttock augmentation surgery is one common concern for women. Most patients are simply desperate to drive after the surgery. To understand when you can start to drive after the operation, you should know what the procedure entails and...