Category: Chin Augmentation

23rd Nov 2015

Chin Augmentation for an Attractive Face

Your face makes the first impression in the minds of people you interact with. It has been seen over the centuries that facial features like a strong appealing chin provide perfect balance and distinction to one’s look. Chin augmentation (genioplasty/mentoplasty)...

10th May 2014

Facial Surgery in Houston: Which Procedure Do I Need?

All of us want to have a beautiful face. When we know that we look good, it will show with the way we carry ourselves. With the help of plastic surgery, anyone can look much better and be more confident....

30th Jan 2014

Rising Fame of Chin Implants Houston

A few years back, chin implants were not as popular as breast or nose jobs. Now it has become one of the most popular procedures in improving one’s appearance. There is a continuous increase in the number of people getting...

26th Jun 2013

Houston Facial Surgeries: Is Your Face Camera-Ready?

There are all kinds of way to communicate, and one of the most commonly used forms of communication nowadays is video chatting. Whether it’s a business interview or a weekend chat with family members on the other side of the...

12th Feb 2013

Chin Implants Done the Right Way in Houston

If you feel that there’s something amiss with your face and you can’t readily pinpoint exactly what or where, then maybe the problem is found in your chin. Next to the eyes, the jaw line and cheekbones are considered the...