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25th Nov 2020

Assessing the results 6 months post mastopexy

Introduction The shape and firmness of the breast can be affected over time by many factors, some of them not even known by us at this point. Loss of skin elasticity, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, extreme diets, or breastfeeding can all...

23rd Nov 2020

Butt augmentation with fat: How long do the results last?

Introduction Butt augmentation with fat is a plastic surgery procedure that beautifully sculpts and enhances the buttocks by using your body fat. Unlike butt implant surgery, this procedure does not involve the use of external objects like gluteal implants. Also...

19th Nov 2020

3 Things to ask the surgeon before mastopexy

Introduction Nowadays there is a safe and efficient solution to correct saggy breasts. The procedure is called the breast lift and is also known by the medical term of mastopexy. When mastopexy is performed, the plastic surgeon will re-center the...

17th Nov 2020

5 Activities to avoid after breast reduction surgery

Introduction Overly large breasts can trigger real health issues, not only emotional complexes. It can be very difficult for a young girl to be confronted with excessively large breasts, and this is the reason why the recommendation is to undergo...

14th Nov 2020

Do I have enough fat for transfer to the hips and buttocks?

Introduction Nowadays people are more and more interested in undergoing plastic surgery procedures that deliver impressive results, 100% natural, and with minimal risks. After reading this description, some might think we are not even talking about plastic surgery, but the...

10th Nov 2020

A month after breast reduction surgery

Introduction It is not easy to get the perfect breasts, and they often don’t come naturally to most women. Some women are concerned that their breasts are too small, and this makes them feel less feminine. Other women, despite having...

07th Nov 2020

4 Questions all patients have after a BBL

Introduction The butt is an important area of the body for both men and women. In recent years we’ve been living under the sign of the big booty, and men and women alike have started resorting to plastic surgery to...

02nd Nov 2020

When is it not a good idea to get liposuction?

The most commonly requested and performed plastic surgery worldwide is liposuction. While the procedure can be successfully performed with many other plastic surgery procedures and also as part of liposculpture and lipofilling procedures, there are some cases when it is...