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17th Dec 2020

How can mastopexy help you?

Introduction The breast lift (also called in medical terms as mastopexy or ascending mammoplasty) is the surgical procedure performed to lift and reshape the breasts. By undergoing mastopexy, it is also possible to reduce the size of the areola (darker...

14th Dec 2020

Are drains used for breast reduction surgery?

Introduction Women who naturally have overly large breasts usually don’t consider themselves to be incredibly lucky as some might think. Having breasts too large compared to the patient’s anatomy can be more often associated with back, neck and shoulder pain...

07th Dec 2020

5 Rules to follow after a breast enhancement

Introduction  There are many women that are unhappy with the way their cleavage looks. Each year over 300,000 women undergo breast enhancement surgery, and this is only in the US. This elective type of surgery does not seem to affect...

03rd Dec 2020

3 Main benefits of mastopexy for young patients

Introduction There is no exact age or a recommended moment in your life to make a change in your appearance, especially when that change could change your state of mind and considerably improve your confidence. A breast lift or an...

25th Nov 2020

Assessing the results 6 months post mastopexy

Introduction The shape and firmness of the breast can be affected over time by many factors, some of them not even known by us at this point. Loss of skin elasticity, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, extreme diets, or breastfeeding can all...

19th Nov 2020

3 Things to ask the surgeon before mastopexy

Introduction Nowadays there is a safe and efficient solution to correct saggy breasts. The procedure is called the breast lift and is also known by the medical term of mastopexy. When mastopexy is performed, the plastic surgeon will re-center the...

04th Oct 2018

Is the transaxillary incision a good option for breast augmentation?

The body’s appearance is important not only for women but for men as well. We live in a society where there is a lot of value put on the physical appearance of people. Do you remember how it is said...

27th Sep 2018

Is scarring unavoidable after a breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that can reduce large breasts by removing both the skin and the mammary gland. This intervention will be taken care of by the social security when the aesthetic surgeon removes more than 300 grams...