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What size to choose for the butt implants

What size to choose for the butt implants Introduction Buttock augmentation with implants ranks as one of the most popular and fastest growing procedures in the United States. The trend, which began a few years back, continues to grow. It...

27th May 2017

Why you need to stop smoking before plastic surgery

Smoking is well-known as one of the major disease causes that can be easily prevented. Most people are aware that smoking is associated with cardiac and respiratory conditions, as well as multiple types of cancer. However, many people don’t know...


Operative techniques for butt surgery with implants

Surgical alterations in the body such as butt implant surgery are commonly done today. This kind of surgery improves the appearance of the buttocks by increasing its size and improving the shape. The implants are inserted into each butt cheek,...

27th May 2017

Why do you need to stop taking birth control pills before your plastic surgery?

Nowadays, there are several types of plastic surgeries that can help a person significantly improve a problematic area in their body. Plastic surgeries are elective surgeries that people who are in a good state of health undergo. Surgery provides a...

26th May 2017

Regional Anesthesia and Plastic Surgery

Most plastic surgeries are done under anesthesia to numb the trauma of surgery and not allow the patient to feel a thing. Although it is beneficial, some people may also have some adverse reactions to the anesthesia, and this is...


What happens to the butt when gluteal implants are removed

What happens to the butt when gluteal implants are removed? Introduction Buttock implants is a specialized cosmetic surgery procedure used to augment the buttocks and improve size, shape and projection. It requires a highly skilled and board certified plastic surgeon...

25th May 2017

Changes in the body after pregnancy that can be corrected with plastic surgery

Introduction Pregnancy initiates various anatomical changes in a woman's body in preparation for the growth and development of the fetus. These modifications in the female outline are unflattering and may subsequently cause her to suffer from low self-esteem. The most...