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28th May 2016

Breast reduction for comfort and better health

Men may see big breasts as a treat they look for in their female partners, but for the owners of the big breasts, their size can be a true nightmare. Mammary hypertrophy can cause many physical problems for women, from...

21st May 2016

The wise pattern breast reduction

Macromastia is the name for the condition suffered by a special category of women whose large and heavy breasts cause problems such as back pain, muscular pain, deformation of the spine due to incorrect position, skin conditions caused by sweating...

14th May 2016

Scars after breast reduction

The breast reduction procedure has both a functional and an aesthetic purpose. It is recommended for women with breasts that are quite heavy and voluminous. With the help of this intervention, we can visibly improve the shape and firmness of...

07th May 2016

Expectations after the breast reduction procedure

Maintaining realistic expectations is very important when it comes to the breast reduction procedure. If you are seeking a breast reduction, it is very important for you to know all the details, including what to expect right after the surgery,...

30th Apr 2016

Preparing for breast reduction surgery

So, the day of your breast reduction surgery is just around the corner. Your plastic surgeon will provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. You must follow the instructions religiously, no matter how off-putting or trivial they...

23rd Apr 2016

Areola reduction with breast reduction

Breasts that are very heavy and voluminous are often a cosmetic issue that in time turns into a health problem. Sagging skin on the breasts is one associated issue, but aside from the disproportionate look of the body, there are...

05th Nov 2015

Types of breast reduction procedures

The choice is made by the surgeon, in consultation with the patient, on the basis of breast size, amount of fat tissue, skin type and tone, skin condition,and other factors. This decision is made at the time of initial consultation,...