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17th Jan 2020

Why does the fat disappear after a brazilian butt lift?

  The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that uses the patient’s own fat tissue to get a moderate increase in the size of the buttocks and also a perky effect of the butt. The surgery is more and more...

09th Jan 2020

What happens to the fat transferred after bbl?

  The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL in short, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed on the buttocks to enhance their appearance. It has seen a considerable rise in demand over the last years as it...

30th Dec 2019

Non-surgical butt augmentation methods – do they work?

  Nowadays people are interested in looking their best and even resort to plastic surgery for this. But if a few decades ago the results achieved with plastic surgery were visible, now patients and plastic surgeons alike are more interested...

21st Dec 2019

How much can be achieved with a bbl?

  Fat transfer to the buttocks is very much in demand nowadays. The procedure is safe and delivers a complete remodeling of the body via the redistribution of fat. When the Brazilian butt lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will...

14th Dec 2019

Health condition before undergoing a bbl

  Plastic surgery to enhance the buttocks is performed on an elective basis. This means that the patient goes to meet the plastic surgeon and have the candidacy for the procedure assessed during a pre-operative consultation. When meeting the plastic...

08th Dec 2019

Bigger and more contoured buttocks with plastic surgery

  Plastic surgery is frequently used nowadays to enhance the appearance of different parts of the body, especially the breasts and buttocks. While the breasts have always been considered a symbol of femininity and sex appeal and many women have...

30th Nov 2019

How to avoid the death of fat cells after butt augmentation with fat

  Introduction Females are incredibly conscious when it comes to the aesthetic features of the butt. Cosmetic flaws and shortcomings in the buttocks can affect the self-esteem of women. To appear aesthetically welcoming, curvaceous, and sensual, you need to have...

30th Nov 2019

Bbl results

  The Brazilian butt lift is sought after nowadays and very popular among women who want to enhance the shape of their buttocks and also achieve a moderate augmentation without the risks associated with the use of gluteal implants. The...