Category: Butt Implants

29th Nov 2021

Pros and cons of butt implant surgery

What is the best and most efficient way to get a bigger butt in a matter of hours? Butt implants surgery is the answer, without a doubt. However, just like any other surgical procedure, there are pros and cons to...

22nd Sep 2021

Will my butt hurt after getting implants?

If you want a bigger butt in a matter of a few hours, the optimal solution for you might be butt implant surgery. The procedure has been performed for quite some years now, and it has become one of the...

20th Sep 2021

Will my butt implants explode if I fall?

If this were to happen, butt augmentation surgery would probably be a procedure with a very high risk. But the reality is that butt implants don’t explode, whatever trauma might occur to them. This is when you might ask how...

23rd Aug 2021

The best way to get bigger buttocks

Introduction Many women wish to have bigger and curvy derriere like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. Getting the booty of your dreams is not an easy task. It calls for hard work and perseverance if you want to get it...

20th Aug 2021

Steps of butt implant surgery

Introduction Smaller and flatter buttocks look aesthetically unwelcoming. They make you look less feminine and even affect your overall body outline. Buttock augmentation is among the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. It enhances the buttocks by adding...

13th Aug 2021

What not to do after butt implant surgery

For people interested in getting bigger, rounder, perkier buttocks, there is no other solution aside from plastic surgery. Nowadays there are different methods available that target the improvement of the buttocks. We have butt lift surgery, butt reduction surgery, and...

11th Aug 2021

The pros of butt implants compared to fat transfer

The modern development of plastic surgery now ensures more than one method that can be used for butt augmentation. Nowadays, plastic surgeons can do fat transfer or insert gluteal implants to create larger, more alluring buttocks. However, different patients will...

09th Jul 2021

I had fat transferred before. Can I get implants too?

It is not uncommon for patients to resort to more than one procedure on the buttocks until achieving the desired results. It can be difficult to envisage the change in the buttocks that can be expected after the surgery, so...