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20th Jan 2020

What will a breast lift do for you?

  The breast lift can correct an imperfection of the breasts that ends up affecting all women sooner or later in their lives. We are talking about breast ptosis, commonly known as the sagginess of the breasts. There are multiple...

11th Jan 2020

Weight considerations before getting a breast lift

  There are several factors that can have a significant influence on the aesthetics of our bodies. Among them are pregnancy and the natural passing of time, but also weight fluctuations. When it comes to the appearance of many features...

02nd Jan 2020

Breast lift: understanding the surgical plan

Breast lift: Understanding the surgical plan   The breast lift is the procedure performed to restore the normal appearance of saggy breasts. It is performed by elevating the mammary gland tissue, re-centering it, and eliminating the excess of skin tissue....

23rd Dec 2019

Should i wait after pregnancy to get a breast lift?

  The breast lift entails incisions on the breasts to correct the sagginess that can occur due to various factors. The factors are usually are pregnancy, weight fluctuations, an excessive volume of the breasts, and also the natural aging process. ...

16th Dec 2019

Preparing for a breast lift

  The pre-operative consultation is an important meeting with the plastic surgeon you have chosen to play out your procedure. During this time, the details as well as your candidacy for the procedure will be discussed in detail. You will...

09th Dec 2019

Perky breasts: when and how to get them

  When thinking about the beauty ideal of all times for women, we imagine an hourglass silhouette and perky, beautiful breasts. The breasts have always been associated with femininity and sex appeal, but also with motherhood. Pregnancy is one of...

01st Dec 2019

How to speed up the recovery after a breast lift

  Introduction When the breasts become saggy, it makes you look aged and aesthetically unwelcoming. Pregnancy, aging, gravity, and weight changes are the leading causes of the development of saggy breasts. The breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that...

01st Dec 2019

Benefits of the breast lift

  The sagginess of the breasts that occurs with age or due to considerable weight fluctuation is an imperfection of the breasts that can bother many women, especially after a certain age. Even teenage girls can be suffering from breast...