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08th Apr 2020

When is it possible to get back to work after breast lipofilling?

  Breast implant surgery is without a doubt among the two most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. And there is a simple explanation to this: it helps women get the breasts of their dreams with minimum risks and...

07th Apr 2020

What to be aware of before undergoing fat transfer to the breasts

What to be aware of before undergoing fat transfer to the breasts   Fat transfer to the breasts is a procedure preferred by women who want a moderate improvement in the size of their breasts and also to get rid...

02nd Apr 2020

Sleeping positions after fat transfer to the breasts

  Fat transfer or lipofilling of the breasts is a 100% natural procedure that can be used to enhance the appearance of the breasts. While this procedure is also performed by a plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility, it...

27th Mar 2020

Sexual intercourse after bbl

  The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure nowadays. Women from all over the world are interested in enhancing their booties in a completely natural manner. The Brazilian butt lift uses just the patient’s own fat cells, so no...

20th Mar 2020

Massages after breast enhancementâ 

  Breast enhancement procedures are frequently performed all over the globe now as many women discover how affordable and available plastic surgery can be and how they can achieve their dreams with its help. The most commonly performed plastic surgery...

13th Mar 2020

How to sustain the beauty of your breasts after surgery

  Breast enhancement procedures are popular not only in the United States but all over the world nowadays. Women from around the globe have found a real ally in plastic surgery that can help them achieve the breasts of their...

06th Mar 2020

How large will my bum become after the butt implants surgery

  Introduction Having bigger bums is one of the modern trends among women. Bigger bums enhance your femininity and make you look sexy and fertile. The size of the bum also determines your body outline and anatomy. Smaller buttocks are...

25th Feb 2020

Buttock reduction with liposuction or a butt lift?

  People nowadays are overly concerned with the appearance of their buttocks. We live in the era of the big booty, and having unsightly buttocks can lead to emotional discomfort and a not so good self-image. Most celebrities nowadays have...