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I want to replace my butt implants with bigger ones

  When it comes to getting plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of the buttocks, it can be difficult for the patient to envisage the end results or how she would feel after getting implants. The size and type of...


How to be sure i’ve chosen the right volume for butt implants

  The appearance of the buttocks is important for both men and women nowadays. A butt that is proportionate to the rest of the anatomy is considered sexy and appealing. This is the reason why people with small, saggy or...


How should my butt look like after getting butt implants?

  When undergoing a procedure such as liposuction, it is rather simple for patients to envisage the results that will be achieved: the fat will be removed from the areas treated, and there will be no fat deposits after. But...


How is scarring after butt implant surgery?

  Getting a bigger butt entails undergoing plastic surgery. The procedure is called butt augmentation and is performed with the aim of improving the volume of the buttocks and creating full shapes. It can be performed with either silicone implants...


Contouring the male anatomy with implants

  Plastic surgery no longer addresses just female patients. Nowadays more and more men resort to plastic surgery to enhance their bodies or correct physical imperfections. While a big booty is certainly a symbol of femininity and sex appeal, men...


Butt implant surgery recovery journey

  Butt implant surgery is the procedure performed on patients who want to get a more impressive projection and increase the size of their buttocks. The augmentation is achieved by inserting a silicone implant in the upper side of the...


What to do after butt implant surgery

  Butt implant surgery is very much in demand nowadays as it can provide results that no other method can. With the use of implants, we can achieve a considerable augmentation of the buttocks in a matter of just a...


Medical indications for butt implant surgery

  Introduction Having bigger buttocks is one of the hot trends these days. The reason why women with bigger buttocks are more likable is because they look more feminine and physically beautiful. But what if your buttocks are smaller or...